Castle Farm

Located just outside Brussels in the rolling village of Rhode Saint Genese, Castle Farm is a true farmhouse, as it was built in 1762 and currently located on 2 hectares, or 4.94 acres, of enchantingly green, green land. The exterior farm-turned-auto-courtyard greets visitor immediately after they step off the street. The garages back right up against the modern-day street. It is this sort of cozy embrace I look for in houses—the way in which they lean into and engage with their surroundings so as to create clear, welcoming, and inspired spaces, such as those which run throughout this home.

To return home to an enclosed court with a liberal incorporation of simple, yet salient lines, such as those of Castle Farm, I would be over two moons worth of joy. The zig-zag of the stairs as well as the gable, the curves of both the garages and entryways, the two—two!—towers that greet you, and the triangularly roofed dormers are all comfortable details that relax and ground your access and both visual and physical integrations with the home. All of this is sheathed in a wonderful white brick, punctuated only by large windows, thick wood doors, or sturdy gray shutters.

As a person who prefers to walk around barefoot at home, this home is rather formal for my living style, yet I greatly appreciate their taste in art—the present owner must possess a quite esteemed private collection, one such that it requires the blurring of it in real estate photographs it is that valuable, and collected all within one place. To privately possess such a collection would be a massive privilege, one that makes me treasure museums all the more.

My favorite rooms in this house are the great room—the kitchen, breakfast, and family room—and the master bathroom, as these rooms simply create and forward a certain air about them. In the great room, the combination of a porcelain stove, handing glass lamps, cream kitchen cabinets, dark stone counters, tasteful breakfast chairs with a light whicker detail, a television surrounded by books, and a splash of the current owner’s art collection create a very layered, welcoming, almost eccentric when the combination wood and stone woven floor, and certainly charming space. This if followed by the double vanitied, marbled, clawfoot tubbed, master bathroom, a space which just exudes stable, plentiful, generation wealth. Everything from the clothing valet stand to the Empire style light fixture forward a wonderful story of luxurious time.

Contrasted with the whimsical entry façade, the garden front is the pinnacle of formality, alibi a very countryside, rouge-cheeked, reposed formality—much akin to rich, zippered, chocolate brown leather Berluti Chelsea boots, which the future owner of this home would no doubt need to own to match their new residence. The romantic lake, compounded by the exterior swimming pool, exceed my wildest wishes for a home’s exterior features. Once, when my parents were redoing our family home, we moved to a family friend’s home they recently purchased, and it possessed a season stream and a swimming pool complete with a diving board all set in a melodramatic, 1970s Spanish colonial revival property with heavy wrought iron fixtures encircled by pepper trees. It was heaven, as I imagine living at Castle Farm would be as well, based on just those two features being in tandem.

Personally, while I love the great expanses of green, green grass, I would also love to create extensive gardens à la Miranda Brooks. These features would create extensive enfilades, outdoor rooms, architectural hedging, and other dynamic, engaging features.

Castle farm, which is a 8,826 square foot home, encompassing a total of 10 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, is located on a 4.94 acre lot for a price listed as “Per Request” by Sylvie Koch of Sotheby’s International Realty.

For more information, please visit:

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 2.43.55 PM

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